Parent-Committee Meeting May 20

The last parent-committee meeting of the year is 7:30 p.m. Monday at Denton. Leaders should attend. Parents are encouraged to attend.

We will be discussing the campout and move-up at Sands Point on June 8-9. This is a fun event that takes a lot of coordination and cooperation. We will be asking for assistance with food, cooking and activities.

Some reminders:

  • Camp card money is past due. If you have not turned in your $25, please get it to your den leader before (or at) Monday’s meeting.
  • Early registration closes on June 8 (the day of our campout). The discounted price goes up on June 9. Please get your check and updated contact information to Danny Kim.
  • If you have any outstanding receipts for den or pack expenses, please get them (and your check request form) to Kym Insana by (or at) Monday’s meeting. We want to settle our accounts by the end of the school year.
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